Tom and jerry

why my code is giving wa

Cos the logic is not right. You need to calc the minimum number of steps (it doesn’t matter who’s greater than whom). If k is less than this, it’s NO. Else, check if the parity of min steps and K is same (as you can go ahead of the destination and return back in even number of steps). If it’s not, it’s NO. For all other cases, it’s YES

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also can u tell me which test case my code is giving wa

Because, it is wrong!!! your code is drawing wrong comparisons in the calculated values as per the problem.

0 0 0 1 5
Answer is YES, you’re printing NO

but dude it will take only 1 step to reach 0 1 it say exactly k step so ans will no

Read the question again, it doesn’t say you have to reach that square in minimum number of steps. Even the sample tests covers a similar case.

Check test case 3 in the example problems. 1,1 to 1,0 can be reached in EXACTLY THREE steps (while just one is sufficient).
Accordingly, in your code: ans-k%2 == 0 would fix it. Not just ans==k (as explained above)

Ps: else without if???