Too much cheating in dec long challenge

Cheating has became a major issue in LC and moss check is also
too slow i dont know how long it takes but see codeforces
it does check before updating the ratings and Cc still lacks it
can i know how much time it takes for them to filter out cheaters in LC.


I think, name should be changed to “Cheating Long Challenge” .


Codechef should reduce the time of long challenge to 5-7 days.


Respect for you being a five star without having participated in any of the “long time to cheat contests”!


There is no point of creating these threads and wasting your time, this will anyway be taken down shortly. Nothing’s gonna change. The only solution that is suggested is just to move to some other site


Anyways, all these posts will be closed as yesterday’s post got closed as well. Lol.

People should accept cheating as a normal thing in Codechef now…I think.




short contest’s king @truly_great who is scared of participating on codeforces :rofl:

codechef must be the only place u can code, because i see you have a taste of ranting and shitposting, and bragging as well

I have some doubts about you, which college are you from? the way you are bragging without a break is very familiar


Well, your post isn’t any productive either, so ironical :rofl: :rofl:


Yes, move on to a new platform, or stop caring about the cheating!
If you want to improve your competitive coding skills, attempt the long challenges with honesty and stop crying that other’s are cheating.
Like you said, there will always be cheating. Who knows, if a group of 4-5 friends are discussing and solving the questions in their hostels/homes, even that is cheating, since long challenge is meant for individual participation and not team work.
If an outcry is needed, it is for the improvement of the quality of questions in the long challenge.


I agree with your point. If they cheat it’s there mistake u have nothing to worry. This time questions like hailxor and string operations were really tough for me and they were nice questions as well. I get to learn about them from there video tutorial and editorial and grow. But if they cheat they miss out on the knowledge and gain only rating which is waste as hell. Be honest and grow.


Well it just brings down the performance of honest participants who put in great efforts to solve the problems :upside_down_face:


But there’s no solution for this. People need to realize cheating will no way be help to them. They need to realize that “a bitter truth is always better than a sweet lie”.


Fun right!!!

Any suggestion that how this problem can be solved.

Codechef must change LC policy for stopping cheat

why are you changing your country etc?

I used wayback machine to check some earlier snapshots of your profile and will be taking more

something i noticed.

  • you have no existence on other OJs except codechef
  • you are bragging or showing off too much
  • you have Mumbai as your city
  • you lash out and try to fool or manipulate anyone opposing you
  • and you are on top of Top Contributors

while these are just facts and i won’t accuse someone on suspicion but i think i know who you are.
I will be doing more investigation because i need to be sure 90%


This topic repeats every month. Nothing new.

@rain18 I have nothing to say on this topic but I wanna tell you that Codechef’s plaig checker i.e., MOSS is better than Codeforces’s plaig checker. I have seen guys on codeforces just add the extra variable, or something like that and Hurrrrayyyyyyyy YOU ARE SAVE, YOU NEVER CHEATED but in case of Codechef you will be caught if you have not done Phd in cheating

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