Top 50 Classic Data Structures Problems

I want to share collection of top 50 classical data structures problems from this discussion on reddit.

  1. 2-Sum Problem
  2. Longest Common Subsequence Problem
  3. Maximum Subarray Problem
  4. Coin Change Problem
  5. 0–1 Knapsack Problem
  6. Subset Sum Problem
  7. Longest Palindromic Subsequence Problem
  8. Matrix Chain Multiplication Problem
  9. Longest Common Substring Problem
  10. Rod Cutting Problem
  11. Word Break Problem
  12. Edit Distance Problem
  13. Chess Knight Problem
  14. Partition Problem
  15. 3-Partition Problem
  16. Snake and Ladder Problem
  17. Consecutive Largest Subarray Problem
  18. Largest Consecutive Subarray Problem
  19. Dutch National Flag Problem
  20. Knight’s Tour Problem
  21. Maximum Sum Submatrix Problem
  22. Longest Palindromic Substring Problem
  23. Job Sequencing Problem
  24. N Queens Problem
  25. Maximum Product Subarray Problem
  26. Longest Repeated Subsequence Problem
  27. 3-Sum Problem
  28. Shortest Common Supersequence Problem
  29. Longest Alternating Subarray Problem
  30. 4-Sum Problem
  31. K-Partition Problem
  32. Minimum Sum Partition Problem
  33. Wildcard Pattern Matching Problem
  34. Minimum Platforms Problem
  35. Graph Coloring Problem
  36. Longest Increasing Subsequence Problem
  37. Pots of Gold Game Problem
  38. Activity Selection Problem
  39. Longest Alternating Subsequence Problem
  40. Longest Consecutive Subsequence Problem
  41. Trapping Rain Water Problem
  42. Weighted Interval Scheduling Problem
  43. Longest Bitonic Subarray Problem
  44. Merging Overlapping Intervals
  45. Longest Common Prefix (LCP) Problem
  46. Maximum Product Rod Cutting Problem
  47. Box Stacking Problem
  48. Maximum Product Subset Problem
  49. Travelling Salesman Problem
  50. Clock Angle Problem



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If you are beginners i will recommended do you first solves these small problem then start above list

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