Topcoder and Atcoder practice problems

Can anyone tell me how to practice problems on topcoder, atcoder.

Because I want to do practice problems by tags so where is topic wise problem set to practice at topcoder, atcoder. In atcoder I cannot find any problemset, only contest going on

So can anyone suggest some links through which i can get problem list from topcoder, atcoder

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while the way I am going to suggest is not what you asked for, But It works
on this site you get problems with rated range setting show for atcoder
Here you get all the editorials of Topcoder, you can check any srm and choose a problem better from here

Use the category filter above .

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Atcoder - One page link to all problems Iā€™m aware of

Topcoder -
Why to use a half dead judge?