topcoder how to get started with topcoder?

i am new to topcoder . from where shall i start in topcoder …
and how to earn badges …

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  1. Make an account on topcoder
  2. Click on launch arena
  3. To get familiar with the layout of the arena go to any of the practice rooms and give any problem a try.
  4. You only have to write the function asked for i.e. no input/output is involved. Only returning the answer.
  5. Soon you’ll realize its rather tedious to write long function names for every problem, so I’d recommend getting some plugin to help with that.
  6. Once you start feeling comfortable with the arena I’d say you’re ready to compete in a live contest.

For any other query do see the topcoder forums.


How to start practising on Topcoder:

Download the Topcoder arena. Click here to download. You will need Java and Java Web Start for it to run.

Assuming you`d be coding in C++, download g++ for windows here. Install it using given instructions.

Download KawigiEdit here. Install it using information given here.

Now run your Topcoder arena by double clicking on the applet you downloaded in
step 1

Login with your Topcoder username and password.

In the menu given in the Applet, select Practice Rooms, Select SRMS, Select 289-304, then SRM 343 Div 2.

You should get a message saying, moving to Room ( or something similar )
Once inside the room, click the button next to “coding” in the centre of the screen and click 250.

Another topcoder applet window should open, containing the problem set. You will be using this window to code, compile, test and submit your solution.


I think you should ask this question in TC forums.

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that site is very confusing …


I’m using it for a long time now and find tutorial for some SRM is always a challenge for me :smiley: