TopCoder Open 2021

Hello Everyone, I would like to know how can I participate in the onsite regionals for the TCO 2021?
I had not participated in Stage 1 that ended at Sept 30 . Is it possible that if I participate in stage 2(to be ended on Dec 31,2020) and further stages , there is a chance that I qualify for the regionals?

If Anybody can Kindly share this information, I would be highly grateful.
@aryanc403 Sorry sir, I saw you in the TopCoder forum discussion and so I am tagging you.
Thank you…

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Sorry for the delayed response. I dont check discuss much nowadays.
Do check this once for all the rules.
Topcoder open and Topcoder regionals are independent event. For topcoder regionals results of only stage 3 matters (Jan’21-Mar’21). To qualify for topcoder regionals just rigorously participate in all srms in Jan’21-Mar’21 and try to get positive score. You can refer the same page above linked paged to find how points are awarded. Last year getting 4 points were enough for tco regionals which may not be the case this year.
Due to covid this year regionals were virtual onsite. I did won it :stuck_out_tongue: hence excited for next year.

Apart from tco regionals topcoder also hosts TCC. Just check for past experiences. Every year this is hosted along with tco regionals. But this year it was postponed to Dec/Jan in the hope of an onsite event. Just keep checking topcoder fb/insta pages. No formal announcement so far.

Also Topcoder will host Round 1/2/3/4 for Topcoder Open (Its similar to GCJ rounds). People with +ve in round 3 gets one tshirt. In my experience getting tshirts on topcoder is very easy compared to other platforms. Every now and then topcoder gives an opportunity to win a tshirt… Other reaosn being no of people participating there is very low.

I hope this clarifies all doubts.


Thank you very much for such a detailed answer