TopCoder SRM 646 - editorial

Hi guys,

if you participated in TopCoder SRM 646 and you want some ideas about solutions, you are invited to read my unofficial editorial on CodeForces.

Also I’d like to invite you to next round which is this week also.

Cheers, Betlista


You should write them here. :slight_smile:

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There are two advantages on CodeForces - latex support and discussion is more friendly I have to say - one can see easily who is answering on which topic. On CodeChef on the other side one can see, who disliked the post, but still missing the feature to contact the guy and ask him why. On CF, one cannot see that, but everyone can send a feedback via messages, which can be better, if he doesn’t want to write comment, because CF community is kind of unfriendly I have to say (upvoting/downvoting wise)… For example result of asking for help was several downvotes and I cannot understand that.


Point taken. We will have latex support in a few days. Work is already underway. Messaging people will still have to wait.

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