Tough TCS Codevita: Zone 2

Seems this year Codevita is comparatively tougher than previous years. I managed to solve question D fully and question A partially. Zone graph of my question set is given below:

May be I’m a bad coder or may be I’ve a hard luck. Don’t know they’ll call for interview or not. Finger crossed. :crossed_fingers:

I’ll upload all questions of my set once the round is over. Thanks.


Don’t worry Bro. It’s actually difficult. I too solved only an one program and got another one as TLE. We have did our best :+1:

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Please post your CodeVita zone 2 Graphs

So from your graph it seems like people were able to solve only D question from this set. Am I correct ? Btw how do you know that you could partially solve a problem ?

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Ye question the kya?
1:- Count Palindromes
2:- Path through Graph
3:- Even Odd
4:- Zoo Design
5:- Equalize Weights
6:- Max Sum

NO bro. Mine was diferent.

most problems aren’t tough…they are just wrong


I attempted zone 2. It was a bit more advanced than previous years yes, I could only solve one and another one was Wrong Answer on some private test cases. The problem for me was I couldn’t understand a couple of questions and I flagged them off as pretty vague and confusing.

I attempted zone 2.In my case it is not showing any graph.

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didi aapka hard aaya hai kisi se nhi hua :man_shrugging: isliye graph nhi dikh rha


I could not solve even one question. I feel so low and demotivated☹️



Graph dissappear after 6 hours.

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Pata nhi bhai…mera set hard tha(this is excuse)+ coding nhi ati.
Count palindrome
Even odd
Moving average
Tennis Score
String merge.
Ye set tha

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Bhai , please send me the link to their official Site :sweat_smile: and also the link to register for upcoming contest , Really I am not able to find the link and register for them

But It was not sowing at the time of contest also.I thought it will show after contest gets over.

Sample test of Count palindromes were wrong?
I am pretty sure my brute force was correct.


you’re damn correct. Waste my 6hrs for shitty problem set.

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Were you able to crack it?

obviously not their test cases were wrong, I guess.

I was able to solve only 7x7
and other 3 problem I wrote code for were giving WA