Treasure chest for programmers!!

Hello guys!

Recently i came across some google drive links which i would like to share with everyone. These links have almost all the books of different programming languages like C, C++, C#, JAVA, python, PHP, JavaScript and many more!

I suggest everyone (new or experienced programmer) should take a look at the links below:





Also, i would request others to add any useful and relevant links that you have. It would be great to see people contributing! :slight_smile:

I know of this link where one can learn how to contribute to open source. For those who are interested, you could have a look.

Link 1


I use website. Don’t know if its safe to use it but you can get almost any ebook you want from there for free. Just try it once you can get books on all topics - programming , number theory, geometry etc. Its basically an ebook download site. :slight_smile:

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I don’t mean to hinder anyone else’s love for learning more, but, isn’t it illegal to share such links? I mean, most of these e-books aren’t available for free. If you need something, you should pay for it.

With that said, I understand not everyone have enough financial status to buy every other book out there (hints at college students). I guess they have no other choice.

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@arvindpunk I strongly believe that - “Knowledge is free and it’s no harm sharing it with people who are eager to learn”. If your friend buys some book, will it be ‘illegal’ if he shares it with you? Similarly, all these books have been bought at some point of time by some people who made it public so that others can learn. After all we all know - “Knowledge increase by sharing and not by saving”. :slight_smile:


Thanks mate.Links are very useful.

Thanks for sharing!!

I got this link which has some more resources.


Thanks a lot.

Here is a useful link that contains 500 Data Structures & Algorithms practice problems and their solutions.

Link 1


Link 3 doesn’t seem to work now :expressionless:

Thank you for the link :slight_smile:

Good one! :slight_smile:

Glad that you liked!
I request others to contribute too! :slight_smile:

Good one mate!

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You’re welcome mate! :slight_smile:

Useful indeed! :slight_smile:

glad I could help :slight_smile: