Tricks and Tips to perform better in Programming competitions.

Hello everyone,

I like Programming very much but due to some reasons, I am not able to perform well. Most of the time I get “wrong answer” even if it seems to be correct(may be due to it isn’t working for even 1 test case). So please tell me some tricks and tips which would help me. Such as how to test your program, must know algorithms, the way you follow while coding or anything else.

Thank You in advance.

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Very nice place to start is the 

. They have some very good articles. But at the end of the day, you will need to study a good book on algorithms. The most popular one is CLRS (“Introduction to Algorithms” by Cormen et. al.). I would also recommend “Algorithm Design” by Kleinberg and Tardos.
Check this link also - 

Frankly, I find participation, experience and interest to be the most important factors for improvement. Try the problems in the contests. Afterwards, go through the editorials that make sense to you. I say this because some editorials have complex prerequisites which I rarely have. :-/

As you get better, you will find the higher level tutorials understandable. Some theory using books is always good. But maybe trying the problem, and then reading the theory is the best way to remember algorithms. This might sound philosophical, but people rarely take interest in stuff that is given to them without a purpose. :slight_smile:

Best of Luck.


Yeah This is very Useful

Another common reason I find for being unable to solve problems is thinking of them as too difficult or a hi-fi algorithm. Take your time, relax and be confident. You are good, and that will show. :slight_smile: