TruCoder : Android app for competitive coders

Hello everyone
I wanted to share with you an app on which I have been working on

It helps you keep track of your progress on CodeChef and codeforces and also notifies you about upcoming contests

You can also view the code on github by clicking here

Do leave a review on playstore if you like it.


Installed :upside_down_face:


hope you like it
do give me your feedback :slight_smile:

Hats off for your work buddy.
I needed this so much as I miss contests regularly.
Reviewed, rated 5 star.
I suggest others to check this out as well.


Thanks a lot
Hope you dont miss any future contests :wink: :smile:

Suggestions :

  1. Add an option to add own contest in the timeline under ALL tab, so that users can add there private challenges(hiring rounds etc) in the list of upcoming contests for them.
  2. Add other websites like leetcode, hackerearth.
  3. A dark theme
  4. Make the name of the contest clickable.
    Everything else is awesome for me :slight_smile:

Awesome App .Just add some other websites also like leetcode, hackerearth etc.

Can you please add atcoder as well

Sure I will add it in the next update :slight_smile:

Great App! Loved it

I have updated the app to improve stability and also added support for atcoder.
Do check it out.

cool application, apoorv

Only 1 bug, country rank and global rank have been interchanged on codechef rating section of the app.