TTUPLE Variation?

What if instead of a triplet, we need to convert one array to another with the same constraints as for the original problem.

If else wont be practical anymore (2k lines of code :rofl:)


Screenshot_2020-06-16 deva kidney me heart attack aagya re - Google Search


There’s a variation of such problem on hackerrank tagged under DP.

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Please don’t post irrelevant memes. If you know the answer, it will also help us grow, else don’t spam


Please don’t do things like this.

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I wrote about 130 lines of code using equations method.
Only thing i did to reduce the code length was breaking repetitive code into functions :grin:

Check out this… Instead of including each case, i would combine all my move methods and then recurse for moves taken.

Bruteforce + little Maths = AC


I don’t think it’s an irrelevant meme at all. The author asked for people’s opinion on making a variation of ttuples and the meme depicts his fear if that happens. If you think it’s spam just report and let the official authorities handle it. We all are here to learn and while we are at it, maybe have some laughs too.


What this emoji tells ? BTW ? @ashish_kaur @dazlersan1 I don;t think it’s irrelevant …and if u don’t think so then sorry :slight_smile:

I break down the problem into 4 parts ++ ,**, +*, *+ and by making 15 if else statement i was able to achieve 90% .( we can easily find 0,1 and 3 answers to the question in this)