Turn off the settings

Hi, Actually I wanted to turn off the accuracy shown for each problem on codechef, It disturbs me and I put in least effort when seen a very low accuracy problem.
How can I customize this?


there is no option for that
it was actually meant to help u
but if u hav so weak self control then here is what u can do
open ranklist then click on prob title
it will directly open prob page
u can open ranklist directly. see the url pattern of it
EDIT:- now if u get demotivated when u see some random guy has done all the prob in the ranklist then jst sort the rank list by ids
hope it helped

Its easy. Save links of all the problems(7-8).Now,whenever you want to solve a problem,just click the link.
Never check the ranklist.
Just submit problems.
Though not checking the ranklist after solving ample amount of problems is something very hard to control :stuck_out_tongue:

but what if he accidentally sees the accuracy while saving the link
does it worth the risk?

Arre, at the start of contest, sabka accuracy 0% hi hota hai bhai😁

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Bro thanks for the answer but I had the option to hide these things of topics and rating things in Codeforces so I had the expectations to have these features on Codechef

Edit: actually I expected an helpful answer from the community, if there’s no way it would have been a simple NO and that was OK for me. But I simply found that answer were meant for trolling rather than helping.

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No one is trolling anybody
Sorry if it hurt you
and i did say that there is no option for that on very first line
but it jst felt you are asking for a trivial feature
despite that we did tell u two ways to meet ur req whereas other people jst ignored

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