Twitter early career 2022 assessment

Did anyone get a reply after taking the test ?

I am sorry this is unrelated, but how do people find out about such opportunities?

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linkedin, make an account or you will miss out on a lot


Nope :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi I missed the test apparently but it would be really helpful if someone could share what questions were asked in assessment or post it as experience on geeks for geeks. Thanks

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no,How much u guys have solved

Was able to answer all 4 questions:

  1. Even Subarray- find number of contiguous subarrays with atmost k odd numbers
  2. Largest String- rearrange and delete characters from a string to form lexicographically largest string such that no character is repeated consecutively more than 2 times
  3. Array Game- number of moves to make all elements of array equal by incrementing/decrementing all elements of array except 1
  4. Sliding window minimum (14/15 cases passed for some reason, despite using deque)
    Other question all cases passed.

1 - Basically you are given strings like “sID rID amount” you have to make a count array of sID and rID and find all id with count less than a number. easy hashmap.
2 - given array of integers , output array of integers that are not present in array and whose sum must be less than equal to target, also maximize size of array. easy MEX kinda solution.
3 - given array of ints, find min number of times you gotta make a move to make all integers equal. move is to select a number and increment all other numbers. this was easy too, just take sum and subtract length of array*min of array.
4 - given schedules of conferences(start and end times) find maximum no. of conferences a man can attend. easy just sort by end times.

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Has anybody got reply?


Update : got a mail asking me to fill a form and that if a hiring team shows interest they will contact me further

same here

Has anyone of you got interview call from Twitter ?