Two Seconds Left Problem(AVGNUMBS) in DeCode 2021

Can someone please help me by explaining the solution of the problem Two Seconds Left (Problem Code : AVGNUMBS) in DeCode 2021 contest . I am not understanding how average can be written the way people with correct solution have written.

The bug in the code was that it performed integer division instead of float division.

I know that but on changing that also the solution is not getting accepted. I check solutions submitted by others but it’s like they have printed some particular numbers .
Which is what I can’t get .

Read the instructions of the contest. It didn’t ask you to code the correct solution. It asked you print a test case which would fail the given bugged solution. Therefore, we are required to just print a value.

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Thank you . Got it. I had understand the wrong meaning of buggy solution and the hack case .