Tyl Programming Language 2.2 released!

Tyl Programming Language 2.2 released!

Tyl (pronounced TEEL) is a general-purpose programming language that is intended for intermediate and experienced programmers, as well as, for totally beginners.

Some of Tyl features:

  • Clean code
  • Symbolized keywords
  • Modularity
  • Dynamic program structure
  • One line statements
  • System modules & functions
  • Multiple variables declaration
  • Automatic type inference
  • Internal framework

Tyl Software includes the following modules:

  • Tyl Scanner
  • Tyl Parser
  • Tyl Statement Generator
  • Tyl Runtime
  • Tyl Launcher
  • Tyl Runner
  • Web Files Generator & Automation

Details can be found at:

Tyl Official Website: https://tyl-lang.dev

Facebook: Tyl Programming Language (Page: @TylLang)
Wiki: Tyl (programming language) - EverybodyWiki Bios & Wiki