UFDS Mentoring 2022

Hey there, I have been preparing for zco, and just recently discovered about this program, I know that the submission is over, but please, is there any way I can join it? This program would really benefit me.

We all know DSU > UFDS

The form is still open, feel free to submit it when ready!

(We’re also considering keeping it open on a rolling basis in the future)

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Sorry for the delays! We’ll send out emails to selected participants in two days.

Afterward, entry will likely be open on a rolling basis. We’ll confirm this later.

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I am sorry but I filled the form a little late. Is it possible to enter?

does not receiving email till now means rejection ?

We’ll soon enable the form to accept rolling entries. If you missed this deadline, don’t worry, we’ll post again under this topic when that is active.

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No, emails have gone out so far to one of three groups. The remaining two groups will receive emails later today.

If you do not receive an email today, you’re welcome to re-apply once we open rolling entries. This will be soon, but we cannot predict an exact date yet. Joining from rolling entries is subject to space on the server for more members, and the number of mentors we have.

Thank you for your interest!


Ok Thank You!

Okkk. Thankyou

All three batches of emails have been sent!

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I did not receive yet .