UFDS Mentoring 2022

Hi, could I be added to the mentoring programme. I only learnt about it today, so there was no way for me to register it before. Thanks.

Hi. I am an 8th standard student. I just came to know about this mentoring program now. But the registration is closed. Kindly tell me how I can enroll now for the mentoring program for the preparation of ZCO/ZIO? Thanks

I also wanted to apply to this program.
It would be really helpful to me for IOI preparation

Thank you.

Dear all,

We’re happy to announce that we’re now open for more entries. Please fill out this form when you are able to, we’ll send out invitations every few days!



Hey @socho i applied for this mentorship. still not got any update. last year i was not able to register but i was in discord group.

Hey @socho Even I have applied for the program. By when can we expect the decisions? Thank You

I have applied on 01.10.2021. When will I get the server’s link ?

Hi @abhisar2k5 @vedants1905 @trisanu

We’ll start reaching out to selected people each weekend. If selected, you’ll probably receive an email this or next weekend!


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@socho I have also filled the form but :frowning_face: I didn’t receive any mail.
just look into that please. :smiley:

@socho I have also applied to the mentorship 5-6 days back.Bit still not received the invitation. Will you please kindly check if my application is missed out by mistake? Thank you.

@socho I had filled my form nearly 2 weeks back, but still not got any email from your side. I also have a copy of my responses. please check :pray: :pray:.

We sent out another batch of emails on Friday evening and Saturday morning. If you have applied after that your form will be checked in a few days.

@trisanu, @techykash and @publish you should have each received this email. Please follow the instructions in the email in order to join the program.

Thank you again for your interest!

Yes received the invitation. Thank you very much!

Recieved the invitation!! Thank you very much!!! BTW how
will the new joiners get their roles

please resend the link

Please respond to the email directly, and I can resend the link.

New joiners will need to read the rules and get-started channels, which also contain instructions on obtaining the necessary roles to view the server.

Umm, Hey!
Is it too late to join the mentorship program now, as a student, now?
I filled out a form but it says here that the form closed on 9th July,2021 (Even though for some reason it is still on)
Just wanted to confirm if there are still spots left?

It’s still open, we look through new responses every couple of weeks.

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