UI Suggestion (Disable tabbing)

Would it be possible to disable tabbing when typing in the comment/post textbox (if you have that much control over Discourse)? It doesn’t do anything but tab directly to the “Create Topic” or “Create Post” button and screw me over if I accidentally hit enter.

For example, I looked like an idiot (more than usual) when writing this comment because I hit tab (thinking it would create an indent instead of shifting the focus), then accidentally hit enter, and ended up posting an only half-written comment. This has happened more than once.

I know right now you’re dealing with the judging thing and stuff, so this is just a suggestion for the future, but can it be considered? @admin

This StackOverflow post gives some ways to easily do this. It also mentions the issue of it being necessary for blind people, so if that’s the intent, then that’s fine, I’ll just keep looking like an idiot lol


The suggestion definitely makes sense. We’ll see its impact, decide whether we can go ahead with it, and update you.

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