Unable to connect codechef server, its happening in practise section

I am getting this error, I tried a lot, dont comment on my internet connection, it’s working fine. All the sites are loading properly.
I am having this problem from today only, I was solving GOODS problem.
@admin please do resolve this issue as soon as possible, as codechef lunchtime is on 18th


Yup!, Now I’m also facing this same issue, though my network strength is good enough; Idk why this is happening?

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I am also facing this same issue

Same issue, problems are neither visible, nor can I submit them.

Hi, we are investigating this, and will update soon.

I am able to run code for custom inputs but it’s not working when I try to submit it.
I have solved 4 question till now but can’t submit them, there is no issue with my internet connection.
please look into this!@admin

Please check now, and let us know if you still face any issues.


Yes it’s fine now.
Can u please tell the problem why it was occurring?
It was showing same problem in the morning I tried in incognito too, but same issue was coming.
Thanks now it is fixed

It was a temporary issue on the cloud provider’s side, which was affecting our site.


and now it I’ve got these list of compile errors for the problems I tried to submit at that time, can anyone fix this!

Look at your submissions buddy,
Here are they:
48802148, 48802041, 48801685, 48801569.

You have blank submissions…You submit without any code that’s why this’s happening.

yeah I know this but my solutions are empty because of the server problem which was occuring that time. I’ve also mentioned earlier in this thread that I was able to run my code for the custom inputs but this error occured everytime I tried to submit my solution.

Well, but that is something, We all hadn’t expected, cheers!

yeah cheers to the fist 11 compilation errors, lol!!

And why exactly is that an issue? Just resubmit your code. Given that these submissions weren’t in any contest, we don’t see the need to rejudge anything.