Unable to fill degree info in ICPC

We were trying to register for ICPC but our team was predicted ineligible and the reason given was that we hadn’t filled our start date of studies.
We searched all our profiles but found no such option. On asking around with friends who had already registered, we came to know that there is a whole degree info tab which is not appearing in our profile. Does anyone know how to fix this?
P.S. we did have our prof. register us. And we all used our college mail IDs.


You are on the icpc profile page. Go to icpc.global. Find the “contestant” link and click on it. You should be able to see the tabs show up. If they don’t then either your coach has not added you to the team or you are using a different email from the one coach registered you with.

link to icpc.global: https://icpc.global/
link to contestant page: The ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest

Well, That was quick