unable to remove items from shopping cart?

I have created a shopping cart in which i am able to add items in it but unable to remove the cart items.below is my code:

<?php session_start(); require_once("dbcontroller.php"); $db_handle = new DBController(); if(!empty($_GET["action"])) { switch($_GET["action"]) { case "add": if(!empty($_GET["qty"])) { $productByCode = $db_handle->runQuery("SELECT * FROM shop_product WHERE id='" . $_GET["product_code"] . "'"); $itemArray = array($productByCode[0][id]=>array('name'=>$productByCode[0]["in_product"], 'code'=>$productByCode[0][id], 'quantity'=>$_GET["qty"], 'price'=>$productByCode[0]["price"])); if(!empty($_SESSION["cart_item"])) { var_dump($productByCode[0][id]); if(in_array($productByCode[0][id],$_SESSION["cart_item"])) {//changed code to id //here id is not matching in cart_item thats why it is saving individual same products. foreach($_SESSION["cart_item"] as $k => $v) { if($productByCode[0][id] == $k) $_SESSION["cart_item"][$k]["quantity"] = $_GET["qty"]; } } else { $_SESSION["cart_item"] = array_merge($_SESSION["cart_item"],$itemArray); } } else { $_SESSION["cart_item"] = $itemArray; } var_dump($itemArray); } break; case "remove": if(!empty($_SESSION["cart_item"])) { foreach($_SESSION["cart_item"] as $k => $v) { if($_GET["product_code"] == $k) unset($_SESSION["cart_item"][$k]); if(empty($_SESSION["cart_item"])) unset($_SESSION["cart_item"]); } } break; case "empty": unset($_SESSION["cart_item"]); break; } } ?>

and I am using ajax also for adding,removing and emptying the cart. here is the code:

I think there is something in cart.php that is not matching. Kindly help me.

Yes i got the solution:

case “remove”:
if(!empty(_SESSION["cart_item"])) { foreach(_SESSION[“cart_item”] as $k => $v) {
if(code == _SESSION[“cart_item”][k]["code"]) unset(_SESSION[“cart_item”][k]); if(empty(_SESSION[“cart_item”]))

You will have to update the cart i.e remove items on the click of cross icon by using jQuery AJAX method as shown below:

  url: "URL", // url of the serve side page where the item is removed from card. Pass the product id there too.
  success: function (result,status,xhr) {
      alert('item removoed from cart')'

I hope I am making my point clear.