Unable to see other's submissions in snackdown practice contest

Hello everyone!
I have started practice on snackdown practice contest. Earlier when I stuck at some problem then I usually used to see others submissions. But this time I am unable to do the same. Please suggest me, what to do!

Even if it is a practice contest, it’s a contest regardless. So you aren’t supposed to be looking into others’ subs. You can refer Codechef’s video editorials though.

Here’s for the one you’re looking for.

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@kratos_46 Thanks!!

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One another query, I have.
Why I am getting “SIGSEGV” error while running, however, my code is correct?
codechef submission

We get “Access Denied” on that link :slight_smile:

@ssjgz I have added code with another ide link.

Are you trying to “Run” without Providing “Custom Input”?

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Yes, I was trying run without custom input ::

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