Understanding "Easy" Problems



I have been doing the “Beginner” practise questions with Python, however these are too easy for me. The problem is that I get completely lost when trying the “Easy” questions. Any help on understanding/answering these questions? Thanks.


I am no one great.Hence speaking from what i know .

I think u should rather complete all the problems in “Beginner” section. When u shift to “Easy” u try to do the easier ones firsts.They might give u encouragement or motiviation.

*Note u can get sorted list of the problems where easier problems are showed first here


There was a time when I could not solve any of the easy problems as well. What helped me was practice. Practice more questions devote more regular time and methods and approach will be coming to you automatically. You can solve below 1300 ladder at A2OJ. These questions are simple. Are mostly of div2 A or B (rarely C). Just keep solving and you will get there.


I strongly recommend not to do questions of one type at any stage u r…

U should always do all level question… currently cuz I was in div1 for long time and I haven’t done any beginner level question… And guess what… I struggled 1st question… I was getting wrong answer… But I got AC in 2nd 3rd in one try… That was maybe a coincidence or something… But then too… it’s very imp to do all level question…
When u r beginners try doing beginner Easy
U can take hints from editorials or friends while practicing… never ask for whole soln… and never give up… And u ll be fine… After sometime no matter what it takes but u should also start med level question… It’s okay if u skip hard level for now…


It is very good that you have started at an easy level. if you will become expert in solving problems of an easy level, then you can move to the next level. There are so many online practices available to work. Some practice session you can find on wellness shot. Before jumping to some difficult level, your basics concepts should be clear. Your approach is good to achieve your goal. All the best, keep practicing.


When you look at the ‘easy’ category, scroll down to the problems near the bottom of the list, which have been solved successfully by many people. These are the easiest ones! As you go up the list you will see that fewer people have solved the problems, indicating that they are harder.


Try googling things…


Googling skills are too much useful…