Unexpected NZEC error after submitting my solution for PRIMEBIT in Code Start

I don’t know why my code get NZEC. I tried my code in different IDE. And every time I got the exact answer that the problem wanted. But after submiting my solution for this problem i got NZEC. Can you guys find it out that why I got NZEC? Please describe the problem of my program and kindly describe how to get rid from this.
Here is the Problem link: https://www.codechef.com/STRT2020/problems/PRIMEBIT/
And here is my all submissions:

T can be as high as 100000, and if T>1000, the variable T in your code will be undefined, and so your code will throw an exception.


@ssjgz so do I get AC if I give a value range for T, like if T>=0 and T<= 1000?

Just replace:

t = int(input())
if t>=1 and t<=1000:
    T = t


T = int(input())

Thanks, I am going to check it.

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@ssjgz Yes, it worked. Now, I am feeling so much regret that why i didn’t think about it deeply and try it during the contest! Thank you anyway.

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