Unexpected TLEs

I’ve been experiencing some weird TLEs lately where there’s no way it could TLE.

Example 1- SOCKS1- April Challenge 2021
It has a O(1) solution and there are no multi-tests.
My first solution is pypy3 got TLE on both the files.

Sol1 Verdict

I submitted the same solution again (link) and one test file now runs in only 60 ms and other TLEs (more than 1000 ms).

Sol2 Verdict

I submit it one more time and both files now work in 40 ms- Link.

Sol3 Verdict

All 3 solutions are same and submitted in pypy3.

Example 2- NOTIME- March Challenge 2021. It has a O(n) solution and n<100. There are no multi-tests.
My solution get TLE (more than 2000 ms?).

I submitted the same solution just now twice. First one TLEs and second one gets AC in 50 ms - Link.

Example 3- I’m pretty sure I got AC (100 pts) on DREDIV during January Lunchtime 2021 . After some days, my solution turned from AC to TLE (maybe there was a rejudge as some submissions got internal error). My practice submission takes 60 ms on the test file which got TLE.

I’ve more examples but I think these are sufficient to make my point.

This can really affect some users in short contests especially in ones where there’s a penalty for incorrect submissions- Cook-offs.

Can @admin investigate what’s the issue?


The both codes are not same :sweat_smile: . In the compilation error code, there’s one extra } in the end.

Wrong input format or extra white-spaces is a common thing in unrated contests.

oh dear! :man_facepalming:t2: :man_facepalming:t2:
the latter thing is very irritating tho

Hi, thanks for reporting this. There indeed seems to be some inconsistency in Python submissions lately. We’ll investigate this.