Unfair Decisions Made

Is it a joke or what , I have been trying this question for last 10 hours and now the question has been removed, the contest should be unrated .


I think a relatively easy problem(PHCUL) compared to Simple game has been given. So dont worry and just give your best

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Bro I am in Division 2.

3rd question I guess

If I would Have done it then surely it would have made a large impact on my ratings bro.

More 9 days left. Give your best. You will surely boost your rating :slightly_smiling_face:


bhai end sem aa raha h

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Meri bhi bhai…lekin karna to h

@way_big bhai end sem aa raha hai aya to ni na to jitne din bache hai unme solve kar de …Rone se na to college vale end sem band kar denge or na codechef vale contest ki time bada denge . So give your best whatever the time is left…:slight_smile:


The problem is already in one old cf contest. So it would be unfair if we let the problem in November Long. We’ll add a new problem for div2 soon.

You spent 10h in the problem (not sure if you solved it :stuck_out_tongue: ), but someone else could just find the problem and copy paste in less than 3 minutes.

Since it is a long contest it should not be affecteds because there is still plenty of time. Moreover in div1 nobody solved all the problems, so everyone [should be] aware of the changes. In div2 only 2 solved all, and I assume that they are still fighting in the tie-break problem.


Could you please attach the link to that codeforces problem ?

I think the problem was quite basic , So even if it was copied , it would not have affected much . Removing an easy problem because it was copied is useless ,at least in Div 1.

But when someone posted about the question in discuss , then there was no other way other than removing it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: .

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Exactly, it just took me some searches under game theory tag to get it :stuck_out_tongue: He shouldn’t have mentioned the platform

Does anyone give any crap about you spending 10 hours? No. Thats why it aint going unrated.

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True, if he spent 10 hours at that problem then what stops him doing the same for others problem. If he is so persistent, he can put effort at other problems as well and get them accepted.

you 6 star guys have a little mind left for general sense or not?
easy or hard it is subjective for all but at least look at div2 problem submissions, there was above 3000 for first 2 and just 500 for removed problem,so definitely there was about 2500 guys who tried but couldn’t solve and they are probably not considering it EASY.


Strange, I was the first person who said that he shouldn’t have mentioned it publicly that the problem was copied, even if he did he should have never mentioned the source. The best way is to reach out to admins/setters personally. But at that time many in the forum went against me, stating how it was a good idea to reveal that publically.


Did I mention Div 1 ?
I just said for easy problems (codechef does grade problems as easy , medium, hard) ,you will find problems which is similar to the given problem.
It is very hard to make new easy problem as compared to a hard problem.

Codeforces problem: Fox and Card game

link: https://codeforces.com/problemset/problem/388/C

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I agree with @andrew1234. This problem was not that much difficult, just needed some observation. I’m also a 2 star like you and spent my time on this question. But removal of this question does not matter as we are getting a new one as replacement.
Since this is a long challenge, you’ll have plenty of time to figure out the new problem. Don’t worry.

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