Unfair Ranklist For Codechef-Ratings(Too-much-crowding)



he is saying that the rating should be separate, no overall rating.


Your way of expressing by giving analogy is pretty nice.


Yea completely agree!! It is really a great idea the codechef should really change its ranking system or maintain a two ranking list


And what’s the final decision ? :slight_smile:


I think the current ranking is also right. It compares you with all the people who have participated in codechef. It is a ranking we say historical. If we took into consideration only the last few months, we would never know how we would compare with all those who participated over the years. In conclusion, I think we need both rankings.


Think about it.Comparing the current players with players who used to play 5-years ago, is outright unfair. Because there is a huge difference in level of contests+contestants of Codechef 5-years ago and now. Now, the difficulty level is high and even the quality of contestants is much much better, so you can never really compare both of them in anyway.
This ELO-RATING system came from chess, where it is followed more strictly and properly,even they removed the greatest chess-player of all time :-“KASPAROV” from the FIDE-Ranklist when he retired from playing chess :slight_smile: So, if such a big federation is doing it, there must be some sense to it? Even codeforces does the exact same thing…So its apparent, what Codechef should do :slight_smile:


Think what will happen after 10-20 years? There will be 10,000’s of ranks assigned to every single rating point…can you imagine how messy it will get, when person with rating 1630 has a 2-lac. rank and a person with rating 1650 has 1-lac. rank , lol :stuck_out_tongue:


please don’t completely remove old rank list :frowning:


Arre mere haath mai kuch nhi hai bhai…:joy:+:joy::rofl:


hahaha fir theek hai