Unfair Ranklist For Codechef-Ratings(Too-much-crowding)

The rank-list that we get to see for Codechef-Ratings needs to be changed in my opinion :slight_smile: (as the discuss-forum has recently been changed, I hope that this constructive change can be brought as well).

What happens is, a 3-star guy is competing on Codechef, only say,about 2000 people are rated above him in Codechef(in India),the people who have participated since last 16-17-months,but what he sees, is 21,000+ rank.

It becomes very(so much!!!) demotivating for beginners :slight_smile: (to others as well!:p)

There are thousand(s) of coders who stopped doing (competitive programming on Codechef!)/(competitive programming) 2-3-4-5-6-7 years ago!

But in the rank-list, only those coders should be shown , those who have competed in at-least one contest since last 6-months/1-year :slight_smile:

Example:- https://www.codechef.com/users/qruiger_116

Its like 10th board results are announced in your school, the topper got 96%,he is at rank-‘1’, good! Next year, the topper got 95% , but he is shown as 2nd rank because the rank-list is combined :frowning:

Now,you can imagine how worse it can get after 10 years of combining results :frowning: :frowning:

You got 87% and you are 3rd in your school, but prior to you, 205 students have got >=88% in the earlier/initial years, so now they show you that you have 206th rank :frowning: :frowning:
What if the paper was hard in your year and you got 87% cuz of that. Does that mean,those 205 people are any better?

Really heartbreaking, isn’t it?!?!?!

This rank-list will never let you know where you really stand in present.

It is really not fair to make the rank-list 10-times more crowded by putting all of them in it :slight_smile:

Note:-This doesn’t mean their rating will go away, they will have their rating and it will never change until they participate again :slight_smile:

Codechef’s rank-list should be updated just like that of codeforces:-


They only show the ranks of people who attended at-least one contest in the last 6-months :slight_smile:

Benefits of this type of Ranklist:-

1)People are motivated to participate regularly, and not just stop when they reach 4,5,6,7 stars to preserve their ratings.

2)Newcomers get motivation as they can see where they truly stand :slight_smile:

3)Proper-Evaluation for everyone :slight_smile:

  • Rank-list should be updated.
  • I like the rank-list as it is.

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I hope, in this 10th anniversary of Codechef, we can let go of the past and make our present+future the best!!!

@vijju123 :slight_smile:

To satisfy both the parties, codechef can create 2-types of Rank-list:-
It will make Codechef so unique!
Comment explaining things in more detail :slight_smile: -->Think about it.Comparing the current players with players who used to play 5-years ago, is outright unfair. Because there is a huge difference in level of contests+contestants of Codechef 5-years ago and now. Now, the difficulty level is high and even the quality of contestants is much much better, so you can never really compare both of them in anyway.
This ELO-RATING system came from chess, where it is followed more strictly and properly,even they removed the greatest chess-player of all time :-“KASPAROV” from the FIDE-Ranklist when he retired from playing chess :slight_smile: So, if such a big federation is doing it, there must be some sense to it? Even codeforces does the exact same thing…So its apparent, what Codechef should do :slight_smile:
Think what will happen after 10-20 years? There will be 10,000’s of ranks assigned to every single rating point…can you imagine how messy it will get, when person with rating 1630 has a 2-lac. rank and a person with rating 1650 has 1-lac. rank , lol :stuck_out_tongue:


And also one more suggestion. Please don’t make a combined rating for all type of contests. Keep it separate . Like long and short(can include both cookoff and lunchtime in short contest). Because some guys are good at either one of them, they do not participate in both type of contests in the fear of losing their overall rating. I think overall rating should be pulled off and 2 ratings should be maintained (long and short contests). So by this more people will participate in both type of contests


yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree more…


Noted. Will see what @admin has to say on it.

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@vijju123 To satisfies both the parties, codechef can create 2-types of Rank-list:-
It will make Codechef so unique!


agree on both type rank list… as I would definitely like to know where I stand if i consider past 10 years

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Codechef Contests from 2012-2015 saga are relatively easier compared to 2016-2019 saga. It means it was easier to get a higher rating back then and even solving few of the easy problems could fetch a div-1 rating. For example,even normal dudes became 2000+ on Codechef in 2012-2013 due to too much inflation and bad rating system.
.So,You will never know where you exactly


Okay true but NVM… There is no harm for me to assume my competitors more powerful… After all it will make me more powerful through motivation :smiley:


I suggest that the rating system be modified to include ‘inflation’, that participation in recent events counts for more than in events longer ago. For example, every month each user’s existing rating points should be multiplied by say 0.99, while new points are added in full, so that users need to keep competing to maintain their rank.


Great Idea, I would love to see the changes!!!

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Bro,I started cp 6 months ago and have observed you since then :slight_smile: Bro,you are a pro. I was just thinking of those 2-3 star guys. They go through lots of demotivation and leave cp and they are the actual majority in Codechef :slight_smile:


Totally agree… That’s why I am saying both rank list would do…

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That seems like forcing people to participate to keep the work they did earlier…

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Doesn’t seem fair to those who want to maintain an increase rating graph. The idea of removing users who haven’t been participating in the last 6 months/ 1 year, should be good enough.

@VIJJU123 91 VOTERS, action should be taken or put in pipeline! :slight_smile:

Do you really think that “put in pipeline” brings features?
To back my claim see no 15 - CodeChef Traditions (Unoffical) :slight_smile:


totally agree… Its better if they have both rank list.

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Thank you so much for all the great coders like @vijju123, @anon55659401 … , for viewing the perspective’s of beginners… hope this continues.
Happy coding!!


That already exists. Go to your page there are separate tabs for Long, Cookoff and Lunchtime ratings