Unfair rating drop



Codechef is really unfair in a drop of rating. I attempted April Long challenge and Alkhwarizm in a row. Been done fairly good in April Long, my rating increase by +84, but due to Alkhwarizm, even after securing rank of 532, rating decreased by 90. Even the questions of Alkhwarizm was distributed properly. This can be fairly understood by the number of submissions. 1st question was a beginner level problem and all rest were from graphs, trees, dp etc. Codechef must look into this matter and change its rating mechanism.


Codechef rating system is exact(correct).
So what if there were multiple questions from graphs/trees? It was the same problemset for everyone attempting Alkhwarizm. So nothing unfair :slight_smile:


Ok I understand that. But you can clearly see the sudden drop in number of submissions from 2nd question and even some questions had single submissions and no submissions. There must an even distribution of questions such that a fairly average coder can do atleast 3 sums out of 10. Anyways, nothing can be done now.


First If you want to fight for making either (or both) contest unrated??
Then do this.
Otherwise rating system is just fine. There is no need to rant about it here.


What I don’t like is how codechef assumes that if you are a div1 coder in long challenges, then you are also a div 1 coder in short challenges (cook offs). These two are not completely related to one and other (at least one of the two directions). If you are in div1 of long challenges, you should participate in div1 of long challenges. If you are in div2 of the cook offs, you should participate in div2 of cook offs… I don’t understand the logic behind combining these two together in every case.


@aryanc403, no ranting here. I am talking about the distribution of the problems. Also remember, you were also a 2 star and 3 star coder once and could not solve the problems like you do it now within a minute or two. So atleast respect small and average coders. Peace.


As far as distribution is concerned. Alkhwarizm is already declared an unbalanced contest.
Yet they decided to keep it rated because they declared it rated before the contest and if they keep on declaring contests unrated later due to difficulty then now and then they will have to declare their cook-offs unrated.
If you want to give your thoughts then better in a place where many people already did. So If I come and see (which may or may not happen.) then (s)he does not miss you.

CHEFOFR - Editorial

If you didnt wanted to rant about you getting negative rating. Only talking about the distribution of the problems. Then I don’t see a reason why you mentioned your rating changes in the post with the title “Unfair rating drop.”

A better title for the post - “Unfair Problem Distribution in Alkhwarizm”.


@koulick424 In Alkhwarizm I think you had not read the questions carefully. Second question was not of any tree or graph, it was a just a simple mathematical question. You may had seen the diagram only and then haven’t read it.


“Unfair Problem Distribution in Alkhwarizm for div 2 guys".


First question was easy and people solved it easily but many people left the second question on seeing binary tree in it, though it was logical and calculative.