Unrated Contest- LTIME74A

As contest is unrated will laddus and certificates be distributed??
My Certificate of June Lunchtime has also not come till now.When will it come

@vijju123 @admin

2 unrated Lunchtime contests out of last 3.By the Way is this a new record??

Certificates were delayed due to some other internal issue which is now sorted. Expect them in 2-3 weeks time!

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Todays Lunchtime will be unrated ??

yep.Came to know after I checked the announcement section after the contest.

As you are editorialist asking if you would post editorials today or tomorrow

It doesnt says it’ll be unrated for div2…

yes cause the problem with the error was a div 1 only problem

EQMD was also present in div2

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I am yet to write editorial for POLICE - I am doing that right now (delayed due to personal emergency). Rest of the editorials are up for review by the panel. If you want, I can provide the UNAPPROVED ones, but remember that they are unapproved right now due to reasons (i.e. are yet to be read by the corresponding setter/tester etc.)

By when shall we expect the approved editorials?

Sure no problem.You can give unapproved ones for the time being

Mail me with the list of editorials you want, I will give it to you.

Can’t say - but should be there by tomorrow or late night today? This job isnt pending on me and I cannot answer on behalf of someone else. :slight_smile:

Is Div 2 rated or not ?

your mail id please

Finally, editorials of @vijju123 are back!!! Celebration Time!! I was missing them since a looong time!

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Look at my codechef profile and you’ll get it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Don’t give payment to setter and testers :angry:
They didn’t knew till last second of contest.
Got 35 rank :sob::sob: and its unrated for a tough question. FML.
@romawhite @kingofnumbers
edit : I was just angry :pensive:


Muje sabse zyaada dukh tera hi hua hai…isliye ye post bhi daala hu :-July 2019 Lunchtime Discussion

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Thanks :slight_smile: \hpace{0mm}