Unwanted Pressure while solving problems

Building logic is tough and requires a lot of practice. But guess what, handling pressure while giving contest has the same situation. IDK but ig I could’ve solved few more problems but the pressure of getting a WA and gradually leading to reduced ratings took control on my brain. Some tips to overcome this would surely be appreciated.

according to me pressure is nothing just state of mind , when you just overthink about future outcome. to avoid these we should fisrt avoid the over thinking. Dont be scare of outcome just be ready to accept any outcome. although these contests are to teach you how to handle the pressure .

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Stop worrying about ratings as they are at the end just numbers (ik I am being too diplomatic and idealistic here) almost everybody doing CP honestly undergoes similar kind of pressure
Maybe giving some virtual contests on CF might help
All the best!

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Ayee, thanks m8 :purple_heart:

Thanks pal :blush: