Update about ICPC Amritapuri and other Indian regionals

Hi Codechef,
An important announcement about ICPC. Original announcement on Amrita website.

It has been decided to conduct the Asia Amritapuri ICPC Preliminary and Regional Round in the month of June and July respectively because of the current pandemic situation. Registration will end 10 days before the Preliminary Online Round.

Teams can register at two sites as per the rules, if the contest is announced by other sites. Most probably Kanpur & Gwalior sites also will host the contest. In that case, there will be one single round of online contest. This will be announced soon.

Tentative date for the Preliminary Round Online contest: Last week of June 2021.

Duration: 2.5 hours

There is no registration fee to participate in the Preliminary Online Round.

Regional Round: July second week.

Duration: 5 hours

Teams will be promoted after the Preliminary Online Round.

Regional Round will be held online on CODEDRILLS platform.

Amrita will host the regional round in the online mode with the following selection criteria.

Total Slots: 700

  • Teams solving at least one problem in the Preliminary Online Round are eligible for the Regional Round.
  • Top team from each institution is selected first.
  • Rest of the slots are filled in the rank order.

If any queries related to this or ICPC registration, please ask at CodeDrills Discuss and we will try to get it answered by Amrita staff.


Just a small question who can I make a coach can It be one of my college friend?

No. Ideally it should be a college faculty. Any professor would work. But I will still confirm this with the team!

Hey, can you ask this as a comment on this blog on CodeDrills Discuss. Amrita folks are active there and we can get it answered.