(updated) More issues with OCT18 challenge problem CHEFTAK

Update1: apparently asserts do not trigger on the server (good to know for the future), I’ve updated this question and to reflect that. However, when I made checks without depending on asserts I found really bad things. New findings is in a separate question: https://discuss.codechef.com/questions/137657/oct18-challenge-cheftaks-testcases-are-completely-broken

(below is mostly the same with a few removals)

Bad/not updated description

The description still has issues with how it defines the input data (it calls things integers that are not integers in the data). The actual format of the data on the server is weird. I had to waste a few attempts to see that it differs from what we expect from a multi test-case problem.

Checker accepts clearly invalid input

The criterion for WA or not does not seem to be enforced at all. Mostly ignoring the input and just printing the correct number of zeroes gives a correct answer with score 0, fair enough. But if we instead print 1 all the time this also gives correct with score one. That answer could have been valid in super specific test cases, but printing clearly invalid things like all -1 or 100000000 also gives correct and score 0. Obviously there are errors in the checker.

@admin @vijju123 @mgch


Just end contest ASAP.


For @admin I propose the idea of mega long.
Description of the proposal -
Add 11 more question which they plan to include in NOV long.
Extend contest by 10 days.
Combine prize money of Oct and Nov long.

Overall - Each division will have 14 regular question and 1 new challenge problem for 30 days = Mega Long Challenge.
Some more prizes can be added on the discretion of @admin.

P.S. - Don’t say it is unrated. I don’t want a contest in which I achieved my best rank to become unrated. And think about odd 300 div2 guys. Just end it ASAP. To reduce further damage. I already lost 20 odd ranks due to the extension.

Just end the contest already. This is embarrassing.

Just end the contest already. This is embarrassing.

Please don’t make it a unrated contest.

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please end it ASAP and dont make it unrated

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why did they extend the contest for almost a week more while there is only 1 bad problem -_- i am really frustated with the extension :frowning:

Saw the thread just now. Reported to @admin . Thanks!!

oh god no :<