Updates for the month of April 2022

Update on Laddus

  • We had initiated Laddus in our system almost 8 years ago as an attempt to encourage the correct user behavior and incentivize participation in our contests. Over 30,00,000 laddus were awarded over the past 8 years. A quick update regarding Laddu allocation for all future contests.
  • Going ahead, Laddus will not be awarded in any contests. The Global Top 10 + Indian Top 25 cash/voucher plan is also being discontinued. In the future, if contest sponsors have prizes, these will be mentioned on the contest page.
  • All Laddus awarded to date will be valid for 1 year till 1st April 2023 and can be redeemed against goods in our store as usual

Update on Practice Section

  • Last month we introduced difficulty ratings on the practice problems. This month, we have brought in the tags associated with the problems in practice. Yes, now you can also search problems from tags. Multiple tags can be selected at a time.
  • We also have a pre-set selection of topics (tags groups) that will be additionally helpful to you.

A few more exciting updates on the practice section are on their way. Let us know how do you like the ratings and tags feature in the practice section.


Sorry to hear that. Do you want to remove the “Know more” link from this page so people don’t get confused?

Thank you for pointing this out. It has been fixed.