Updates on curtailing plagiarism

I request the admin to please modify the rating after the plagiarism check is done in today’s contest - “Starters 41”. It seems that there is so much plagiarism practised in today’s contest. We can wait for 10-15 days in place of our rating getting decreased due to these cheaters.

Request to make the round unrated first due to technical issues then plag check

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Some of the cheaters which are totally identical —>

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similar codes:
1.Solution: 65932253 | CodeChef
2.Solution: 65932335 | CodeChef
3.Solution: 65932382 | CodeChef
4.Solution: 65932447 | CodeChef
5.Solution: 65932478 | CodeChef
6.Solution: 65932494 | CodeChef
7.Solution: 65932588 | CodeChef
8.Solution: 65932617 | CodeChef
9.Solution: 65932600 | CodeChef
and many more please check Contest Page | CodeChef
submissions in last one hour @admin

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CodeChef Starters 42 Div 2:
Solution: 66421848 | CodeChef
Solution: 66430946 | CodeChef
Solution: 66427505 | CodeChef
Solution: 66426662 | CodeChef
Solution: 66424981 | CodeChef
and many more in last 30 minutes. @admin


Similar Codes in CodeChef Starters 42 Div 2 - Problem - MAXIMISEBITS -

Solution: 66429967 | CodeChef
Solution: 66430685 | CodeChef
Solution: 66430565 | CodeChef
Solution: 66430592 | CodeChef
Solution: 66430511 | CodeChef


Respected Sir/Madam,
I am Ravi Jha, CodeChef User ID : ravikjha7. I have been plagarised in Starters 39 Question No 3. The Question was very straight forward and we just have to print
2 4 6 8 … upto n terms
3 5 7 9 … upto n terms.
Now, I just don’t know how many ways are there to do so. I have been told that my code matches with two people, I don’t know any of them and also my code is not completely same as them. I still don’t undertand why I have been plagarised.
So, I request CodeChef to please look into the problem as soon as possible and remove the plagarism as soon as possible. I have attached screenshots of codes of people who have been mentioned to have same code as me and you can clearly spot the difference. Thank You !!!

My Solution :

People Who Have Been Told To Have Same Code As Me :

PS : I have raised the issue on Twitter

Those who really think, I shouldn’t have plagarised. Please retweet so that CodeChef can see the tweet… Thank You !!!

The question might be straightforward but from the other solutions it clearly appears only variable names have been changed.

Yes Sir, But If my code is matching just with two people in the entire country or maybe entire world and I don’t know any of them, then how could this be a case of plagarism? I think it’s just my mistake that I failed to check their mail earlier and now I don’t think I could do something, Anyways, Thanks For Reading and Reacting To The Discussion. I am not going to stop giving contests or discontinue my CP Journey. This Plag will be a lesson for me to check my mails frequently. Thank You !!!

I have raised the appeal a week ago as a reply on their email, but haven’t got any reply yet !!!

How high do the cheaters get with their rating?

Is there really some highly rated individual posting solutions during contest just to mess with everyone?

Isn’t it the case that cheaters only solve first few problems and that’s that?

After some point, people serious about CP will overtake cheaters.

Or are people losing interest after losing their rating due to an enormous number of cheaters?


Hi guys,
Today I recieved a mail about plagiarism in the June Cook-Off and I would like to clarify and make somethings known about it to anyone who is listening.
The person with whom my submission matches is indeed a known person to me, we study at the same college, you can check it on our profiles.

The plagiarism detected submissions:

But, I believe the cause that CodeChef might have detected plagiarism is because we both use the same ‘template’ or boilerplate code to write our solutions, because we both study together and thus use the same template.

You can ensure that by looking at the core functions of the program which are very different, both in logic and implementation. CodeChef’s plagiarism checker must have found similarities in our template and thereby regarded it as malpractice.

To further prove my point, I would like to provide submissions from our codeforces accounts as well. (So that you can indeed verify that we use the same templates) (both submissions are from May, which is before the date of June Cook-Off).

I am hoping that you will consider this and thereby release me of the allegations of plagiarism.

Hoping to have a positive response.

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This Guy king_camper | CodeChef User Profile for Amber Mishra | CodeChef never stops cheating this would be his 7-8th id which he has created in the span 3-4 months
Here are all the codes that he copy pasted and look at the technique he is using to avoid plag he is copy pasting approx 100 lines of commented code between every 3 to 4 lines of normal code @admin @shaily_adm if not please punish as per required.
Solution: 66935907 | CodeChef
Solution: 66946466 | CodeChef
Solution: 66959749 | CodeChef

Codechef should follow codeforces mechanism and publish the final rank after plagiarism check otherwise there is no benifit of plagiarism.


It’s true bro @admin please consider this problem

Considering the @admin @shaily_adm might have missed this post tagging again for the same.

Dear CodeChef, when are you going to take action against these cheaters…?? There is a student in my institute who was doing 1 or 2 problems until last contest but in starters 45 and June Long 2 she has done 6 questions in last 15 minutes…how???

We brainstorm in every contest just to get good ranks but due to these type of people we are not able to rank up…please do something about this :{

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