Updates on the CodeChef website - August 2021

New portal to create contests and problems

We have completely redesigned our portal for contest & problem creation and management.

The old website which was used for problem setting is no longer needed. Apply to become a problem setter or host your own contest.

We have implemented many essential features which were previously missing (bulk uploading of test files, bulk editing of time limits, and judges, statement history versions, etc), and are currently working on adding more features as well.

You can also have a look at all the problems and contests created by you, on the dashboard.

Copy button for sample test cases of a problem

For all the new problems created on CodeChef, you will see a button to copy the sample test cases to your clipboard. We will soon be bringing it for all the problems present on CodeChef.


Login using the email address

There have been a lot of instances where users used to forget their CodeChef username. Till now, there was no way to get back your account if you don’t know your username. Not any more. Now we allow both logging in and resetting your password using the email address you signed up with.

Better categories on the Tags page

We have segregated the problem tags into various categories. Now you can find problems using their topic, author or editorialist for practising however you like.

Ability to view your (or others’) submissions directly from the profile page

The profile page had a list of all your submissions for a long time, but there was no way to directly view that submission. It is now possible by clicking on the View button.

Contest Page enhancements

We now show your scores on each problem when you hover over the tick icon. This feature was requested in our forum on this topic.


We also highlight the division you currently belong to, on the parent contest page when taking part in a division based contest.

Hide tags

You can now hide tags if you wish to when practising old problems. This setting can be changed from the edit user profile page under the Additional tab.

Duplicate user accounts

As you might be aware, having multiple accounts on CodeChef is against the Code of Conduct and may even lead to a permanent ban of all your accounts. But do not worry, we have added a portal to help you in getting rid of all your account(s) except the one you intend to retain. The same can be accessed here.

Discussion Forum

We now display every user’s associated Discuss profile link on their CodeChef profile page.

We have added a “Back to CodeChef” button in the navigation bar on our Discuss forum, for easier navigation between CodeChef and Discuss.

These are all the big changes which we have made to CodeChef recently. Do let us know what you think about them.

We have also fixed a lot of bugs in the last few months. If you face any issues, report to bugs@codechef.com.

Please tell us about any other feature(s) you would like to see on CodeChef.

We will be back next month with more updates!


The new update requires hovering over the clock to view the time of submission. Why not revert it back, the old one was better (it allows to find people involved in Plagiarism quickly) :wink:



I wonder why you don’t allow users to see the test cases for a problem. Any particular reason for this?


Stars r not visible on discuss profile for people having underscore at end of username :neutral_face: .
e.g. Me (thunderboltz_) .
There are more such profiles.

A year before u told ki This issue will be resolved but still It is as it was.

Link to previous thread discussing same issue

This is fixed now. It may take some time for it to reflect for everyone.


Thanks :raised_hands: Its visible now


They want us to figure out the problem on our own.

yes this is the better way

When opening the page for peer problems, Google Chrome is stuck for a while (probably because there are so many problems listed). The page doesn’t respond when trying to scroll. If this is the situation with me using a \text{3 GHz} processor and \text{8 GB} Ram, I cannot think of others having low-end PC.

One thing you can do is to load only a number of problems (say 100), and allow users to click on a button to reveal the next 100 problems. Or use more pages for the external contest problems, with 100 problems per page.