Updates on the CodeChef website - October 2021

Single Click Login

  • We now have single click log-in. This means users don’t require to connect their Google account separately to log in to CodeChef. If the Gmail account (signed in to the browser) matches the one in their profile, they will be able to log in directly via a single click. It will work similarly with FB and GitHub connect.

Sign Up referral system

  • Now we have a mechanism to use our referral system for CodeChef signup. The referral code is your username and the referral link is https://www.codechef.com/signup?ref=username OR https://www.codechef.com/signup?REF=username and the referral dashboard can be accessed here. Please note there is no bonus for this referral.

New Home Page

  • To provide a better user experience in the community, CodeChef has revamped the home page with a new design. We have tried to declutter everything and also made it responsive.

If you have any feedback regarding the same, do post them here.

Sample Input/Output extraction update

  • We have extracted the Sample Input and Output from (almost) all the problems that were created post 2015. This means that the users will get an option to copy the sample i/o in all these problem statements

Contest/Problem module

  • The problems in the ranklist will be sorted in the order in which they have been added to the problem page
  • The functionality to clear view-solution cache is now available
  • We now allow mass editing a single field of test data

Public release notes

  • We will also be collecting our public release notes in a single place. It will also have some least known features on CodeChef. They can be accessed at: https://codechef.releases.live/. Do bookmark it and watch the space for more updates.

Intimation to update institution/organization

  • Now, the users will be notified on the website if their institution gets denied (along with the link to update the same). Previously this was happening on email only

Video editorial toggle on Practice page

  • We now have a toggle that appears in the practice section. When the user enables it, only problems will video editorials will be displayed. Currently, this will not be visible on the Peers contest section

Tag page fixes

  • UI-related bugs on Tags Pages have been fixed. We have done minor enhancements to make it appear cleaner.

Do let us know what you think about them. If you face any issues, report to bugs@codechef.com.

Please tell us about any other feature(s) you would like to see on CodeChef.

We will be back next month with more updates!


Please bring the Dark Mode. :cry:

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Ever heard of dark reader chrome extension ? smh

I really like the

  1. Option to copy paste sample I/O
  2. Smoother experience
    Good job, guys :slight_smile:

New website’s look and improvements are amazing. I had some typing cursor issues in the past.Now they are fix. :slight_smile: