Upload Test Cases after Contest is Over

As all of us here want to learn from mistakes, is it feasible for codechef to upload all test cases for the problems along with editorials after contests are over so that we can understand which kind of corner cases we were missing and learn from them.

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This request has been declined many times in past. And most probably their stand will be same this time also. And I’m neutral on this.

Will CodeChef provide test cases

Why Codechef does not make contest problems test cases public after contest gets over ?

Test Cases for Long Challenges

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If you can see code solutions, what’s the problem with getting to know the test cases where your program fails. Problems can be cloned anyway, not giving testcases where your code fails is just making it worse for you to learn where you fail; speaking from personal experience.

Yes, Now I am satisfied with their concern that - someone can clone the problem