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I just thought I’d keep a post here regularly updated to keep track of what problems I’ve upsolved because till now I think I’ve done 37-38 contests and my rating isn’t good. I keep giving contests but never upsolve :frowning_face:

  1. 03.02.2020 - RKS
    Solution link :

I thought this was obvious but upsolving is really important. If you only solve problems you’re already able to solve then the difficulty of problems you’re able to solve will not increase.


Yes , I thought I’d try solving problems I couldn’t solve during the contest. For instance, this problem (RKS) , I failed to solve during the corresponding lunchtime.
So I’m planning to take a problem daily that I couldn’t solve from the many contests I’ve participated in and try to solve it :slight_smile:

There is an “add to to-do list” on problem page at CodeChef. You can use that for CodeChef.

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I was actually debating using that option but the last time i used that was years ago and the problems just fall apart into that vast void waiting to be recalled for ages.
I just think that this makes it more organized, I can put links to refer back , a few observations and basically motivates me to go a bit further that’s all.
Don’t know if that makes sense :rofl:

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If that’s the case, it would be better if you put commented code, so that others may also benefit.


Good point :slight_smile:
Will do that surely from the next one!

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