Urgent help needed in getting access_token from Codechef API

On requesting access token, the api returns:
{“status”:“Bad Request”,“result”:{“errors”:[{“message”:“Client id not received with the request. Check API documentation and content type of your request”,“code”:“Bad Request”}]}}.

My code in ReactJS:-

let ENDPOINT = ‘https://api.codechef.com/oauth/token’;
let HEADER = {‘content-Type’: ‘application/json’};
let DATA = {
scope: “public”,
client_id: MY_CLIENT_ID,
client_secret: MY_CLIENT_SECRET,
redirect_uri: MY_REDIRECT_URI

with MY_REDIRECT_URI: “localhost:3000”

const response = await fetch(ENDPOINT,
method: ‘POST’,
headers: HEADER,
data: DATA
console.log(await response.json());

@vivek_ghosh I guess they have stopped support for codechef API.