usaco gateway down?

is usaco gateway down for everyone. I’ve tried from three different connections and cleared the browser cache and cookies.

No, working fine here. Location: Calcutta, India.

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It’s also not working for me from the past 2 weeks.

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I mailed Rob Kolstad, this is his reply

HUGE fire here – 483 homes destroyed. Training pages back in < 7 days (but probably > 6 days).


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You can check they are up again.

any idea for what I can change on my side?

are you sure there is no restriction from the institute you’re in? I mean if you’re accessing internet from the hostel.
If so, you can try a Tor Browser instead or other methods to by-pass. If not, then you can wait :smiley: Here also, the connection goes down for few moments but again works properly. So I can’t say positively that the server is properly working, maybe its really down.

I am not accessing this from my institute. I’ve tried three different connections, the place where i am interning, the apartment where i am staying and my mobile gprs.

Thanks for the information.

Seriously, I think they are changing the server.