Use this for anything related to plagiarism - Reporting cheating, appeals, etc

You’re not allowed to have opinions about cheating when you’re a cheater yourself.
Your code for MAXTOPO: code
Some other cheater’s code: code


Why codechef Why ?


Yeah I know. But now i don’t .

I went from 850 to 1300 in last 20 minutes today because someone released the solutions of problem 3 on youtube. This is so demotivating. Codechef should take action against cheaters.

The solution to this problem was leaked on youtube 20 mins before the contest ended.
Youtube video link: Magical Flips Codechef answer - YouTube
User leaking the solutions: trivedi2u (as visible in the video itself)
This guy has been shamelessly leaking solutions since many contests. Report the channel and shut the hell out of it.


@admin take action against this guy


Today I saw a lot of plagiarism in the problem Magical flip in the august starters.
This demotivated me to solve problems on this platform.
I hope strict actions will be taken.
I request everyone in the community not to do this sort of activities for the sake of rating.


yeah, somebody even posted solution on youtube. :frowning:

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How do you know that there was a lot of plagiarism ?

Heres the video solution that was posted while the contest was going on Magical Flips Codechef answer - YouTube

i was so surprised when i saw submissions doubled last half an hour…and I was feeling so dumb , because i couldn’t solve it…:persevere:
(but now i see the probable reason :worried:)


Be fast than cheaters!

I’m sorry if this sounds rude, but this is only possible way to avoid it. I was also at your place sometime, and it feels real bad, but as until CodeChef is not bringing MOSS back, this is the only option (except making all contests unrated).


So many plagiarisms for the Magical flip problem in august starters. Please look into it.


I was not able to completely solve that problem so I looked into the solutions after the contest and all the solutions I saw even have the same comments and same variable names. I checked around 20 solutions and there were 100% same not a single dot difference. @digon

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Absolutely correct , from the past few months i solve decent amount of problems in div 2 rounds but I was not getting rank high enough because i was slower than this cheaters but Today i solved the third problem faster than the cheaters and secured a good rank to be able to reach 4* for the first time and it feels so good I don’t know what this cheaters get or what are they trying to prove but from now on I won’t get distracted by this losers and keep on working hard to be ahead of this cheaters. Don’t let this cheaters get in your way!


I have read many opinions here of higher-rated programmers where they say, one should not focus on the cheating aspect and instead work hard and try to improve. Cheating frustrates those people more whose rankings are affected the most (i think it’s lower to middle range of ratings where cheating is happening more). I guess, most of those higher-rated programmers might not have the same opinion if high level of cheating was happening at their rating range.

While I agree, it is not a bad thing to tell people to focus on one’s own skill development, it is also not a good situation if cheating is so convenient and rewarding.

Contests have a value, also because there is a rating/reward system attached to them among other aspects. When cheating increases, the perceived value of the rating decreases, and with it, maybe the motivation to attain a higher rating decreases for a lot of people.

Having said that, I don’t know how to rate the current state of CodeChef. It’s not absolutely terrible but it does seem bad for sure. Something must be done to make plagiarism difficult, or people will move to other platforms where the rating has a higher value. And if, codechef get’s a bad rep among the companies that value these ratings and stars for their hiring process, then that’s a really bad place to be in.


Too much plagiarism involved, @admin do somthing.
I was not even able to solve 2nd problem and seeing the submissions over there made me feel like a fool.

After the recent codechef starters 10, I was upsolving the questions that I found difficult for me and was unable to solve during the contest and surprisingly while just checking the successful submisssions for that problem, I found many of those solutions were the exactly same.

I don’t know how they get the solutions during the contest , may be there is any website or any telegram group. But this is very bad that people only try to get good ratings my any means.

I know i am not the first guy to point this out but do something for this CC.


Hi, inspite of my giving the video evidence, no action was taken against the guy (trivedi2u) leaking the solution. Let alone his youtube channel, even his codechef profile has not been taken down till date. Is codechef even serious about conducting contests and fair ratings?

I’d say let’s boycott codechef and all their future contests until they show some desire to work for their own community. There are plenty of other platforms, who value their audience, rather than being ignorant.

Cheaters like trivedi2u (who is at 1794, i.e. just at the verge of becoming 4*) and several others, who might have reached even 4* or 5*. This is even a disgrace to others who have worked hard on their way to have reached this rating.

Guys let us collectively boycott codechef till they show that they value us. Even for practicing, let us shift to other platforms. Afterall it is us which make it the platform it is, not the other way around. Let us collectively move to other platforms, till any positive action is taken in this direction.

Let them have the cheaters they want so bad, that they are unwilling to take any actions on.


Some people have posted the solutions of codechef september long challange on some websites , why people keep posting solutions , they making coders handicaped/demotivated .pls don’t do these stuffs . we don’t need solutions (fake stars) eventually we have to learn concept (aaj nahi toh kal ) @codechef @no_cheat

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