Use this for anything related to plagiarism - Reporting cheating, appeals, etc

I found a bunch of people from the same college copying the exact code from a youtube video with the solution in it. The video was published during the contest

ARRFILL (Only difference is the capitalization of variables)
thelordsaurabh - Solution: 49887959 | CodeChef
mayank_46 - Solution: 49884265 | CodeChef
ravish_29 - Solution: 49761170 | CodeChef

The video they copied from : Array Filling (ARRFILL) Correct Solution | Codechef | August Long Challenge 2021 | Python Guy - YouTube
( Kindly note that the link is set in such a way that it takes you to a specific time when opened. I have done this so that you wouldn’t have to go through the whole video to search for the code)

Two of them have the exact same code for CHARGE as well
thelordsaurabh - Solution: 49887959 | CodeChef
mayank_46 - Solution: 49884265 | CodeChef

Please look into this as they have boosted their rating to the mid-3 star level because of this malpractice, I have sent a mail as well.
Thank you

Most of the submissions for CLOSCHEF and CLEARRR in the last hour are identical. Hope @admin will do plag checks before rating updation.

is plag check even a thing here on codechef?

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They dont try to even solve it themselves. Solved everything in 1 hour. Shameful @riyaa_03. Submitted 4 of the hardest from the contest in under 15mins.

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has that happened before ?

CookOff Div 2, Q4) Clear the array

Solution: 50111530 | CodeChef
Solution: 50111491 | CodeChef
Solution: 50111470 | CodeChef
Solution: 50111468 | CodeChef
Solution: 50111407 | CodeChef
Solution: 50111351 | CodeChef
Solution: 50111238 | CodeChef
Solution: 50111226 | CodeChef
Solution: 50111221 | CodeChef
Solution: 50111211 | CodeChef
Solution: 50111205 | CodeChef
Solution: 50111169 | CodeChef
Solution: 50111162 | CodeChef
Solution: 50111020 | CodeChef
Solution: 50111023 | CodeChef
Solution: 50111011 | CodeChef
Solution: 50110861 | CodeChef
Solution: 50110774 | CodeChef
Solution: 50110782 | CodeChef
Solution: 50110792 | CodeChef
Solution: 50110804 | CodeChef
Solution: 50110807 | CodeChef
Solution: 50110816 | CodeChef
Solution: 50110704 | CodeChef

And so on. I stopped looking at page 6 out of 128. 9/10 submissions that i opened contained the same code.

Now i know that a 5/6/7 start coder would come, copy paste the same thing that they say in every other plagiarism report post i.e “ignore them and focus on yourself”.

I know I know, but hey, I didn’t plagiarize and I am the one suffering. That question wouldn’t get more than 200-300 submission that got 1000.

Maybe i am wrong. I got the wrong idea about competitive programming. I should plagiarize too.

Codeforces is only better option now. Maybe because all Indians are here on codechef :slight_smile:

Good Night.

p.s. @admin if you are reading this, please do something about this. Codechef is on a downfall and it would take much time before it loses all its value.




Follow the link , don’t report publically … i am quoting a line para from referred article .
" But despite this instruction, if you do feel that you need to say something publicly, you can use this topic. Any other new topic that you start related to this will be closed, and you will also risk getting suspended "
In short delete this post and post it under aforementioned link .

Sad to see, you should definitely mail these submissions on the plag email at least their graph will get a plag symbol which will be a shame as they won’t be able to share their profile anywhere.


They won’t do any thing, they haven’t since I am practicing. There are lot more better sites eg. Codeforces, Leetcode etc. where you can participate. That’s why I rarely participate here.
Also Div 2 contests are rare too.


Yeah, I prefer codeforces.

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There are tons of those submissions… you can not mail all those rather it should be implemented in the system.

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Submissions that I could find were plagiarized, just by looking at very few submissions.

Thank you Codechef for demotivating again!


A few more:


Shame to the community


Too much cheating in CodeChef Starters 10 Division 2 (Rated)
This is too much… These are only just few examples… There are many more :frowning:
Also, Most of the solutions of CRDFLP (Div 2) are copied.


I just checked again and I can confirm A LOT of the solutions for CRDFLP (div2) are copied.
No wonder how successful submissions doubled in the last 20 mins of the contest.

It will be very easy to spot cheaters because all the cheaters have gathered on this problem. Please take action against these people.

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why did u delete it… Let everyone know about these people

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What a joke, I mean seriously. People seem to get away by cheating as if it’s nothing. Screw you cheaters. Why do we work hard? Just for you to cheat and steal our rating? I’m 1900 on my main and I struggle to become yellow because of such people. I hope they don’t get any job, they are ruining competitive programming. I wasn’t able to solve div2 C today, and the submissions skyrocketed in the last hour. What do you get by cheating? It isn’t cool. Stop being a jerk.

But you know what is a bigger joke? Codechef’s plagiarism check. Seriously? You guys don’t seem to care about anything. Your platform is being ruined by idiots who can’t solve problems and all you do is promote cheating by giving gift cards? No ban hammer, no rating drop, but instead a ducking gift card. Wow. You guys are doing the opposite of what you should be doing. This was my last contest on this platform, and I didn’t think I’d leave codechef on a bad note. Thanks for ruining my day. There are better websites like Codeforces and Atcoder.