Users who gave their last contest 2-3 yrs. ago still appear on the leaderboards

I decided to start participating on CodeChef again after the long challenges were made unrated, as before that the 5 and 6 star band’s value was heavily diluted (by people who were really good at ‘acquiring’ solutions).
I was recently going through the leaderboards and one thing that I found amusing was that unlike on Codeforces where you need to give at least 1 contest every 6 months to stay on the active leaderboards, even users who gave their last contest like 2-3 years ago are appearing on the leaderboards here.
Some of these users became 5/6* through long challenges ONLY and have stopped participating altogether now.
There will ofc also be a lot of genuine users who have stopped participating because of various reasons, but imho there should be 2 separate leaderboards, 1 for active and the other for inactive users.


This is the great thought Codechef should work on it.

I suggest that CodeChef should introduce ‘inflation’, for example multiplying each person’s rating by say 0.995 each month that they do not compete. Then those that compete regularly will be rewarded relative to those who once scored well but have since gone away.