Using policy based data structures locally

From where can I install policy based structures locally? I’m currently using MinGW on windows 10 for compiling.
I get the following error right now

In file included from c:\users\rashmi jain\downloads\mingw\lib\gcc\mingw32\6.3.0\include\c++\ext\pb_ds\detail\standard_policies.hpp:45:0,
                 from c:\users\rashmi jain\downloads\mingw\lib\gcc\mingw32\6.3.0\include\c++\ext\pb_ds\assoc_container.hpp:47,
                 from MDSWIN2brute.cpp:1:
c:\users\rashmi jain\downloads\mingw\lib\gcc\mingw32\6.3.0\include\c++\ext\pb_ds\hash_policy.hpp:610:78: fatal error: ext/pb_ds/detail/resize_policy/hash_standard_resize_policy_imp.hpp: No such file or directory
 #include <ext/pb_ds/detail/resize_policy/hash_standard_resize_policy_imp.hpp>
compilation terminated.

However, I’ve installed libstdc++ Which is what this site tells me.

#include <ext/pb_ds/detail/resize_policy/hash_standard_resize_policy_imp.hpp>

That is some strange include (isn’t working even in ubuntu). I wonder why aren’t you using this instead ? (as these header files do all the job for ordered_set, until you really want to dig down to its internals).

I’m using this


I’m not sure why that error comes.

This might help.

Okay I found it.
In the path


is incorrectly named as


If someone needs it later.


Same error Man save my day :slight_smile:

just renamed filename
thankyou so much dude :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot man! It was so simple :grinning:

my file name is already correct but it still shows error on sublime text… what should i do …i am a mac user

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Can u please tell me what to do in macOS??

Thank you so much!!

did you figure out how to use pbds locally on a mac when we get this include error?

Thanks it helps,

did you got the answer?

yes is true cool topic