Using template from geeksforgeeks or github during contest

I want to use some DS template from geeksforgeeks or GitHub(implementation of the trie, segment tree) during a contest, will I be penalized for plagiarism? @vijju123 @admin

I don’t think so…

I’ve been using templates from my git rep(which is public), I hope there wont be any plagiarism for that…

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Moss is not a system for completely automatically detecting plagiarism. Plagiarism is a satement that someone copied code deliberately without attribution, and while Moss automatically detects program similarity, it has no way of knowing why codes are similar. It is still up to a human to go and look at the parts of the code that Moss highlights and make a decision about whether there is plagiarism or not .
So i think they go for manual checking …


"7. Taking help or using third party code is not bad. Passing it off as your own is. If you are taking your code from some other source, it is expected that you give the due attribution to the source in your code. It is mandatory. The third party code should have been available publicly before the relevant contest began, and not created during the contest. And if questioned, the proof of burden rests on you to prove this beyond a doubt.

But in case you have missed giving attribution to a third party code, and you get caught in our plagiarism check, then you have the option of proving to us that this was indeed a publicly available code."


MOSS is automated, so it will flag your code as plagiarized. To minimize the inconvenience, Codechef runs a manual check to make sure such false positives are negated. But at times there might be some issues due to which your code is still flagged plagiarized like-

  1. No attribution was given. In this case we cannot tell if code similarity is due to online compiler leak (eg - ideone) or due to some third party public code. We do not give benefit of doubt here.

  2. Since its manual, we never scope out human error and MOSS admin is always more than ready to help if this is the case. Just reply to the email giving the source. Please note that the content must NOT be created during contest, i.e. your source must be existing before contest starts.