Value points of SPOJ Problems

You all may be well aware of the CodeChef Certified Data Structure & Algorithms Programme (CCDSAP).
As I surfed across the pages of the new certification section of the codechef website, collecting details of the aforementioned program, I stumbled across this webpage - This page has an excellent compilation of tutorials, problems, editorials on every important data structure and algorithm. Any beginner to competitive coding will find this page extremely useful.

To brush up my skills, I started solving problems from the preparation page( It has some problems from SPOJ too. I solved them. Out of curiosity, I wanted to know how much value points I earned on SPOJ upon solving the problems. Now, SPOJ does not provide us with any option to know the value points associated with problem in the corresponding problem page.

Like, the preparation page( has a link to a SPOJ problem - JNEXT. The JNEXT problem page does not include any information about the value points associated with the problem. So does every problem page. Now, to know how much I increased my score on SPOJ, I had to search for the JNEXT problem over 73 pages of the list of classical problems.

(Upon finding the problem, you need to hover over the “USERS” column to get the value points associated with the problem. Hence, to know the value points associated with a spoj problem, one need to search over 73 pages!)

I know scores are not the sole reason to practice on SPOJ. But, I was curious.

And we all know - “Curiosity is the mainstay of what it means to be human!” xP.

I wanted to know the value points associated with problems I was solving. So, I wrote a simple python script to get the value points associated with each problem on SPOJ and incorporated it with a web page.

Python script was for my usage. The web page is to help those who are as curious as me. xP

Link to web page:

Link to python script:

I am a beginner, so I have hard coded the output of the python script into the HTML source code.

I will incorporate the script into a Django app soon.

If you have any feedback / suggestions, do comment!


I’m not sure if this is related to your question, but the formula is hidden away at the bottom of the page User scores are constantly recomputed, decreasing as problems are solved by more and more users.

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I need repo points , pls upvote.


great work! :smiley:

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Thank you for your feedback! I am well aware of the formula used to compute the value points of problems on SPOJ. But, how can one know the score of a problem if he/she is given a link? Like, can you tell me what is the value point associated with this problem - JNEXT( - Problem JNEXT)? There is no provision made by SPOJ. You need to browse through 73 pages of the list of classical problems to know the value points. This is what I wanted to solve. Hope, this clears things up!


You can click on on “s” mark in the table header(list of classical problems) to sort the problems based on you’ve solved them or not. It shouldn’t be much of a job for you to locate the problem you’ve solved from them and know how many points it is worth.