Vectors vs arrays

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sol_1 -
sol_2 -

sol_1 gave MLE in some of the test cases , whereas on using arrays instead of vectors, it gets accepted…(sol_2)

Why so??
And on what basis should we make a choice between vectors or arrays for a problem…
please help…

please anyone??

Thanks @everule1
But i made all the values dp[i][j] = -1 in array based solution also…
whereas in vector also , the same thing happens during declaration

Like this
vector< int > v(n,-1);

please tell me where am I going wrong?

You have declared 9nm vectors, and each vector uses 24 bytes of data on top of the memory it keeps. So the size of the vector is 400 MB.

I may have made a calculation error on the last post.

Edit : Just to be sure, I changed the order in which the vectors are declared to create only 27 vectors and got AC

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got it.
That was really helpful.
Thanks @everule1 :slight_smile: