Very bad contest management at codechef

once again i open codechef and try to solve problems, and i see this


once again i find myself unable to solve anything because im not a native english speaker, i join because of translation is available.

but if not dont write that you have translators, its just for display. i wont waste my time here then



Please gain knowledge of English at first. And practice and practice because most of the competitive contests will be held in English.


because most of the competitive contests will be held in English.

You have no idea about coding competitions outside india perhaps.

English is just another language, i know it makes things easier, but to solve algorithmic problems, you need to practice algorithms rather than english.


++ codechef please look into this, this happened in last contest also

Please gain knowledge of competitive programming first

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I agree with you. I can’t understand why most of the people target codechef only. Why they won’t ask Mike (Codeforces moderator) to introduce translation on cf. Atleast codechef has taken the initiative of translation which most of the people don’t appreciate.


Thanks for your reply. Appreciable comment but primarily you have to catch what is said in a problem. If you don’t have the ability to understand a problem for the sake of an unknown language, how can you apply your algorithm? First of all, get the direction, and further you apply your algorithm to your problem.

Please practise the etiquette first.

Thanks, Mr. Shlok Goyal! You really got what I exactly said. Some peoples take it negatively and they suggest to me in a funny way to learn competitive programming.